The Compositional and Parallel Real Time System (CoPaRTS) group is a research group in the Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering, Wayne State University. CoPaRTS is directed by Nathan W. Fisher. This group is an important part of LaST: Laboratory for Sustainable computing. CoPaRTS focuses primarily on the areas of scheduling algorithm, schedulability analysis, compositional real-time systems, real-time resource allocation in parallel and distributed systems, and sustainable computing.



Research Interest

  1. Real Time Systems
  2. Algorithm Analysis
  3. Game Theory
  4. Distributed/Parallel Computing
  5. Thermal Controlled Feedback Systems



Latest News

  • July 2014: The paper "Open Problems in Mulit-Modal Scheduling Theory for Thermal-Resilient Multicore Systems" received the Most Wanted Problem Award in "ACM SIGBED Review (Issue containing abstracts from 5th Real-Time Scheduling Open Problems Seminar (RTSOPS)". - See more at:
  • December 2012: The paper "Efficient Admission Control for Enforcing Arbitrary Real-Time Demand-Curve Interfaces" received the Best Student Paper Award in RTSS, 2012.
  • Aug 2012: The paper "Efficient Admission Control for Enforcing Arbitrary Real-Time Demand-Curve Interfaces" is accepted to appear in RTSS, 2012.
  • May 2012: Prof. Joel Goossens worked with CoPaRTS as a visiting scholar of the Wayne State University.
  • May 2012: We have two papers titled "Fixed-Priority Schedulability of Arbitrary-Deadline Sporadic Tasks upon Periodic Resources" and "A Parallel Algorithm for EDF-Schedulability Analysis of Multi-Modal Real-Time Systems" accepted for publication in RTCSA 2012.
  • April 2012: Our paper titled "Scheduling in Competitive Environments: Truthful Mechanisms for Allocating a Single Processor to Real-Time Sporadic Tasks" was accepted in ECRTS 2012.
  • November 2011: Our paper on control systems was accepted for publication on RTAS 2012.
  • September 2011: Our conference paper "Tractable Real-Time Schedulability Analysis for Mode Changes under Temporal Isolation" received Best Paper Candiate award in "IEEE Symposium on Embedded Systems for Real-Time Multimedia", Taipei, Taiwan.







ECRTS deadline (Feb 2 ) Is Fast Approaching.

Group Meetings

Upcoming presentations

  • Power on mobile devices.
  • Real-Time Admission Controllers.
  • Real-Time Mixed-Critical Tasks [PPT].

Previous Topics

  • Temperature Control.
  • Semipartioned Scheduling.
  • GPU as Real-Time Parallel Machine [PPT].


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